STOR 565 Homework Assignments Fall 2021

Homework problems will be occasionally be assigned from the textbook (ISL); most problems will be from the four files below, whose titles correspond roughly to the subject matter of the problems they contain

Homework will be assigned in the format [source number], so B 3 refers to problem 3 in the probability and statistics problems, while ISL 2-3 refers to problem 3 in chapter 2 of the text.

Recall that all assignments are due before class.


Assignment 1: Due Tuesday 24 August

Reading: ISL Ch.1 and 2.1-2.2

Problems: B1-5


Assignment 2: Due Tuesday 31 August

Reading ISL Ch12.1-2

Problems A1,2;  C1,2;  D1,3,5,6,20


Assignment 3: Due Thursday 9 September

Reading: “Evidence of Fraud in an Influential Field Experiment About Dishonesty”

Briefly summarize, in your own words, the exploratory data techniques used by the authors of the datacolada study.

Problems B6-9; D4,9,10,11


Assignment 4: Due Tuesday 14 September

Reading: ISL Ch12.3-4

Problems B10,11,33; D2,7,8,12


Assignment 5: Due Tuesday 21 September

Reading: Lecture notes.

Problems A3,4; C3,4,5; D13,14,15,16


Assignment 6: Due Tuesday 28 September

Reading: Review basic probability material on joint distributions, conditional probabilities and expectations (see lecture notes on Expectations and Maximum Likelihood for a definition and basic properties of conditional expectation).

Problems A4 (last part about Jensen’s inequalityonly), 5; B12-15; E2


Assignment 7: Due Tuesday 5 October

Reading: Review lecture notes for midterm

Problems: B16-20, 30; D17: E3,4


Assignment 8: Due Tuesday 19 October

Reading: ISL 3.1-2; 4.1-6; 5.1-2

Problems: D18,19; E5-12 (Ignore hint in E7, instead use results from previous HW).


Assignment 9: Due Thursday 28 October

Reading: ISL 3.1-2; 4.1-6; 5.1-2

Problems: A6; B21-27; C9; Review your answer to E12


Assignment 10: Due Tuesday 2 November

Reading: ISL 3.1-2; 4.1-6; 5.1-2

Problems B28,29,34,36  E13-17


Assignment 11: Due Tuesday 9 November

Reading: ISL 6.1-4, 9.1-5

Problems A7,8; E18-24


Assignment 12: Due Friday 19 November

Reading: ISL 3.3-4, 8.1-2, 9.1-5

Problems C7,8,11-13, E25-27   (Optional A9)